A New Home for the Centre for Business Development

Centre for Business Development_Office_001The Centre for Business Development has moved from the fourth floor of the old inKLine Media building into its own facility on the same land.  (Click for SLURL here).

The two-floor facility provides ample work space for business meetings, an information area and a bounty of food stocked in our kitchen.  Plans for a formal grand opening are in the works, but visitors are more than welcome to visit by clicking here.  A special thanks goes out to Heavenly Villa of L’aize Dayz for the furnishing and landscaping.

Some recent changes should be noted in the format of the meeting schedule.  In an effort to make our meeting more time friendly to our friends in various time zones, we set our meeting time to 1:00 PM.  We also limited meetings to one per month and the purview to mobilization.  This means, the meetings will be a bit more moderated than in meetings past in order to keep the conversations from veering off topic.

Other special events related to business will be scheduled as needed.  We’re in the process of inviting some interesting guest speakers to meet with us.

This Sunday marked the first meeting since the renovations took place.  Heavenly Villa provided more detailed meeting notes, which I will post in the next blog, but I wanted to note some of the goals for the month.

1) Very soon, we’ll be publishing the results of the CBD survey, which revealed some extremely interesting responses.

2) This month, we’d like to generate more interactivity on the web-site.

We are fully aware that we can only capture a small portion of the business community through our in-world meetings.  That’s why we need your help.  Please respond in our comments section with suggestions, questions, ideas or anything else we can do to further our goal of fostering the SL business community.

3) As mentioned earlier, plans for a formal grand opening are in the works, and I’m sure there will be many surprises.  So make sure to keep up with the CBD here, or join our group in-world.

–Bill Kaye

Centre for Business Development Trustee











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