Meeting Minutes: 3 March 2013

Recorded by Heavenly Villa

Welcome to 2013

We are starting off 2013 with a rejuvenated Centre for Business Development group and would like people to be as involved as their time and demands allow.


Part of this is the opening of a new Centre building. We hope you will stop by and check out the new centre.

We will be putting in information downstairs for people to access and have a new lovely meeting area upstairs – complete with coffee and cake.

We have discussed the time and purpose of the meetings. We want to make these as productive as possible given the demands on everyones time.

We will hold a monthly meeting where we can plan our tasks for the month, keeping these realistic, achievable and working towards our goals.

Meetings will be held on the first sunday of every month at 1 pm SLT. This will allow group members plenty of time to organise their schedules to attend and for group members on UK time to attend if they wish to.

MEETING – 3 March 2013

Thanks to those who were able to attend the meeting today.

We had more robust discussion around issues facing business people in SL – third party viewers, direct delivery vs magic boxes & marketplace, resident retention, communicating with LL and advertising of SL.

1. CBD Survey

Some of the issues discussed were topics covered in the recent CBD survey. Heavenly has recently been busy with RL and SL work, but can now focus on getting the results and report on the survey done.

2. CBD Website

Bill will focus on the website – making sure information is available for people on the website. The results of the survey will also be posted on the website.

Bill will post the 3 streams / areas of work / goals on the website.
When the survey report is completed, group members can decide what are our priorities and areas to focus on.

We will be providing the opportunity for group members to let us know what they feel our priorities and goals should be.

3. Linden Labs

Bill updated the group on his discussions with LL. He had made contacted with Peter Linden, the official spokesman for LL. Peter clarified that while LL stopped releasing statistics, it did not mean that they no longer captured them.

We are still keen to make contact with LL and provide them with input and suggestions. We are concerned that LL may not be listening to the needs and concerns of residents, and while we are keen to do things for ourselves to improve the economy and businesses in SL, we would still like to have that open dialogue with LL.

4. Marketplace

We had discussions around what the future of marketplace may be. We know there has been speculation on blogs and inworld on what may be coming up, but no confirmation at this stage from LL on any of the rumours. Once we hear anything confirmed, we will let the group know.

On the good side, business people who use MP direct delivery have indicated there are far fewer bugs with dd now. It is alot more reliable.


Bill to update the website with strategies, info and goals
Heavenly to complete the survey report
Tess to make more chocolate cake

We are happy to receive your questions, input and feedback at any time.


CBD Team


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